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Who are you? / Ela Merom


Who are you?

This is an invitation.

Are you making love? True to your heart…say what you mean from the depth of the great sea of knowledge that is your own? Who's words are you saying? Are they a new song…releasing old, used, recycled patterns- Creation out of the unknown יש מאין? 

Do you dare? Dare to touch the hearts, minds, bodies of others with the fullness of all of your dimensions, outside of rubber gloves. Not embarrassed by the magic blood of the moon cycle, pure gift of Gaia, shamed for too long.

Are you making love? Breathing in from head to toe - sky, earth, water, wind…smelling fresh rain on the skin of the earth, rushing through your body the sound of the wind under a birds wings as she flies above, releasing energy waves all through existence. 

Can you really feel them?

What does your day look like? Your night? Do you dare to dream? Are you awake? What do you really need? Who do you really need? Are you an on-going compromise of your divine inheritance? We are stardust.

If this means nothing to you stop reading now leave it behind, don't look back. If this speaks to your old soul's heart- IT   STARTS NOW

Let the games begin! Ask to really live, really love, really dance. Your dance,  No one else's. You are beautiful. Abandon all that is not of the pure essence of your body and soul, what else is there? Turn OFF automatic pilot, who are you serving? Who?  

Are you choosing? You are a victim of nothing and no one, not even of your spiritual ego. Ein-Sof…end-less possibilities, open open open. Wide open. You are the creator, let creativity flow. Results are irrelevant, for if you truly release they are far far far more majestic than your mind can hold. Lose your mind. Linear time is a hoax- cut through it into quantum relationship. You are the future-past-present יהוה, Women-man, senses interwoven.

Love You. What is stopping you from loving YOU unconditionally? Demand it. You are worthy. You just are. You are loved regardless. Perfect as you are right now, and what does this perfection ask of you? Make love to me, to your fellow beings, to the earth. Make love, in your name Love.

Your joy takes nothing from anyone. Guilt, shame, and fear serve no one. Bring into them compassion. Ask for help, be together, reach out. We are a circle. We can have it ALL. Real abundance unto unity.

Do you believe it? If not, imagine it, make-belief: it is holy. Children know it, the child that you are knows it. Close your eyes, breath, surrender, and see yourself free: How does it feel? what does it look like? how do you walk, fly, play? How does your body move? Your Soul, your heart?  What are your words, your stillness? Dimensions of light, color, simplicity….

Who are you? 

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